L2 Working as a Door Supervisor
in Private Security Industry

The Qualification

Who requires this qualification?
Any business selling alcohol, including small pubs, retailers, large nightclubs, cafés, restaurants, hotels and sports facilities may need trained security staff qualified as door supervisors who hold an SIA licence.

A level 2 award for working as a door supervisor within the private security industry qualification is required by law for an individual to apply for an SIA licence to work as a door supervisor.


Why a Highfield qualification?
Highfield is the leading provider of regulated compliance qualifications in the UK, certificating over 350,000 learners a year, and qualifies more door supervisors each year than any other awarding organisation. We’re extremely proud to be a Highfield-approved centre and offer industry-recognised qualifications that will enhance learners’ career prospects.

What does the qualification cover?
Topics include:
• the main characteristics of the private security industry
• understanding the law when working as a door supervisor
• safe working practices and emergency procedures
• the searching of people and property
• keeping vulnerable people safe
• the powers of arrest of a door supervisor
• incident reporting and crime scene preservation


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